It’s Easy When Life Goes Your Way

Life is messy at times. Our dreams do not always come true, people often will not behave or respond in the way we would like them/expect them to respond. An “attitude of gratitude” does not always feel sustainable when the circumstances of our lives do not meet what we believe to be our needs. Gratitude for what you have is beneficial and will always help to create feelings of well being and a positive outlook on life.

The real challenge for the human experience is to go beyond the surface and limiting view of an “attitude of gratitude,” and beyond the spin of “positive thinking,” and become grateful for our very existence. Grateful for the challenge to accept the circumstances, situation or people that creates the pain or unrest inside. Every human being has the ability to welcome those times when our lives are messy or not fitting into our perception of how it should be. When we embrace gratefulness in this way, every situation in our lives can be met with dignity and grace. Every circumstance that is not to our liking, every person who does not behave in a way that we want is then perceived as an opportunity to grow and learn a new way of being in this world.

Gratefulness is a way of being; powerful, and sustainable. A life without pain or discomfort is not a promise. I suspect it is not even an achievable goal in this realm.  When we can look beyond the surface level of living in the world, to a deeper connection, a oneness with all we can begin to experience real compassion, real forgiveness, real love for ourselves and others and ultimately real gratefulness. When we are open to letting go of the outcome, we are able to experience continuous gratefulness creating an inner knowing and an inner peace.



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